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Non-removable restorations

Aesthetic crowns, fixed tooth replacements


The crown – as it is implied in its name – replaces the outer surface of the tooth, restoring its functionality and aesthetic appearance. It is mostly used when there is not enough healthy tooth surfaces available after the removal of the decayed part, so the underpinning of the filling is not really possible. In this case, the best solution is to supplement the remaining tooth substance, and join the complete and the supplemented one with a crown to hold against the pressure of chewing.

If there is a gap between the existing teeth, a crown is not enough to supplement it. In this case – depending on the quantity and the position of these teeth – a fixed tooth replacement is needed. It consists of a piece of crown on the teeth next to the gap and of a false tooth or false teeth filling the gap and suspended by the crown. This is what is called bridge replacement or shortly bridge.


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