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Dental Implants

Conditions of warranty

Our warranties apply to all artificial dental roots implanted here at Dent-A-Lux and checked at least once yearly either by us or by a third-party but according to the instructions we provided following the treatment.

What compromises the implant warranties we provide?

  • Insufficient oral hygiene
  • Non-compliance with instructions
  • Misuse of non-removable or removable restorations, full or partial dentures (relining required at least once yearly)
  • Skipping the yearly check-up at Dent-A-Lux (free of charge) or at a third-party as per instructed
  • Oral parafunctions such as teeth squeezing, teeth grinding, nail biting etc.
  • Jaw recession or gum retraction unrelated to implanting
  • Common medical conditions and treatments that degrade the jawbone such as diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, extensive x-ray damage, chemotherapy etc.
  • Oral injuries acquired in accidents or while doing sports
  • Smoking or drug use


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