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Dental Implants

What if there is not enough bone left?


When extraction occured a long time ago or tooth loss was due to a jawbone dicease, the lack of sufficient amounts of bone tissue may present an issue for implanting. Should this be the case, today's revolutionary technologies allow for complete substitution, essential for providing permanent support to the future restoration.

Thanks to the latest advances in implant technologies, restorations that are supported by artificial tooth roots are viable options even in cases where bone loss would have prevented such solutions earlier. Implanting requires the insufficient bone tissue to be augmented either prior or parallel to treatment, using either autogenous bone tissue or substitute materials, or the combination of the two. This is followed by the resorption of the filled in material, a process that produces the required quantity of regrown bone tissue. Simultaneous degeneration and regeneration processes cause the augmentation material to be resorbed, using and with the help of which new autogenous bone is created. This requires the prevention of any inflamation and the proper substitution of the missing tissue. Tho most ideal solution is using the patient's autogenous bone tissue, however, this is not always available in suifficient quantities and presents further surgical strain. Hence the significance of the augmentation technologies and materials developed recently that are able to compete with natural bone tissue in effectiveness.


We at Dent-A-Lux use only augmentation materials that are completely free of animal (cow) and human components. Production utilizes findings in latest research while observing the stictest healthcare regulations. All products are completely synthetic 99% pure tricalcium phosphate. The above and one-time use packaging prevents the transfer of any infections or diceases. Fast vascularization of the adjacent tissue is facilitated by the special size of the granules and the special surface, which encourages and early abundant blood supply and fast bone generation. All the materials used are fully tissue-friendly. As documented in various studies and proven in a number of our own treatments, these augmentation materials are not only accepted by the body but turned into a hard tissue that is fully equivalent to autogenous bone.




Kapcsolódó cikkek

At Dent-A-Lux we use Geistlich Bio-Oss®, the world's first choice natural bone substitute in regenerative dentistry 1-2 exclusively.


Due to its outstanding osteo-conductive properties, it excels as a catalyst in bone regeneration and serves as a safeguard for the success of the bone substitution procedure 3-5. Highly tissue-friendly, Geistlich Bio-Oss® particles remain integral parts of the regrown bone and help preserve volume in the long-term 6-9. The state-of-the-art technologies used in production combined with the sterile, disposable packaging protect against all contamination. The solution is well-researched. It has been verified many times over by third-parties and yielded outstanding results at our dental clinic, too. The body fully accepts the material and converts it into a hard tissue fully equivalent in qualities to human bone.


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