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Direct fillings



One of the most widespread, mostly light curing types of fillings.

After removing the decayed part we fix the restoration by adhesing it to the pre-treated cavity surface. In accordance with the requirements of our age and based on the size and position of the decay, different types of fillings are used in the grinders than in the front teeth. The reason for this is that there is different strain and cosmetic expectation on the various parts of the teeth. Consequently, a highly aesthetic filling is suggested for the front teeth. This filling is not under a lot of strain so it is adequate for a smaller chewing strain. In contrast with this, the maximum permissible strain is the major point in the case of the grinders, thus the appropriate filling material must be used. Although these are not as aesthetic as the ones used in the front teeth, they don’t present a cosmetic disadvantage since they can hardly be seen.

Whichever of these types are applied in the tooth, there is always atrophy during the setting which influences the durability unfavourably. As a result of this, there is a gap between the freshly prepared filling and the edge of the tooth, and its size depends on the size and expansion of the cavity, the quality of the employed filling material and last but not least, the technique of the filling. This tiny gap cannot be seen, but it is easily accessible for the bacteria causing decay in the tooth, and the decay developing on the merge of the gap and the tooth is only a question of time. The alarming sign of under-decay: the appearance of a yellowish-brownish and gradually darkening line on the edge of the filling.

Advantage: aesthetic, can be prepared during one occasion.

Disadvantage: limited durability.


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