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Dental Implants

Implants with warranty

We provide warranties not to make up for the deficiencies of poor treatment, low-quality implants or outdated technologies. We believe our clients are entitled to receive the best dental care there is, without having to compromise in any of the areas above. Our osseointegration (integration into the bone structure) success rate for implants has been an oustanding 96-98% (!) for years, a figure that matches up to anything internationally as well.

In the unlikely case that your artificial dental root fails to integrate fully, we will replace it with a new one free of charge.

And for 15 years! What is more, in the case of Straumann implants there is a life-long guarantee! How is this possible? As osseointegration success rates here at Dent-A-Lux are very high, our Swiss supplier SGS Systems provides our clients with a 15-year, while Straumann GmbH offers a life-long warranty. All our clients receive official guarantee certificates bearing the supplier's emblem. This is what we mean by "implanting with WARRANTY".


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