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Indirect fillings


These restorations are regarded as the solution for eliminating the problems with the direct fillings, such as durability and aesthetic problems.

When preparing the so-called 'inlay', a sample is taken from the cavity after the removal of the decay, and the filling is prepared under dental laboratory conditions. Later the filling is glued into the tooth in the surgery.

Because of the high standard of their technology and ingredients, indirect fillings cost more than direct ones, but due to their precise fitting they are more durable. Consequently, choosing this type of filling is worth considering, since it is not negligible how often you have to change the filling. During the change of the filling, the substance of healthy tooth decreases, so the durability of the treatment is extremely important from the point of view of preserving the precious tooth substance. Indirect fillings obviously have more advantages than direct ones.


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Fillings replace the missing parts after the removal of the decayed parts of the tooth. Their goal is to restore the functionality of the tooth and its aesthetic appearance. For this it is essential that after the removal of the decayed part, there is enough healthy tooth surface available.

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