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Non-removable restorations


It is named after its way of preparation: while preparing the crown, its material is under high pressure.

This method results in big precision in fitting, and consequently long durability. As compared to earlier, aluminum oxide press ceramics, IPS e-max has several advantages. The front teeth in particular gain such natural beauty that only the owner will ever be able to tell they are not real. As the solution is free of any metals, there are no allergic reactions. Another strength is that much less tooth substance has to be polished off during the preparation than in the case of traditional crowns. As its near titanium strength allows for mechanical durability clearly superior to that of earlier materials, even 3-piece solutions can easily be implemented. All the above renderIPS e.max a sure choice for those requiring for the best when it comes to crowns and restorations.

Advantage: durable, aesthetic, less tooth substance has to be polished off.

Disadvantage: higher prices due to the solution's technology-intensive nature, not suitable for restorations of more than three adjacent teeth.

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