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Dental Implants

What implants to choose

Dent-A-Lux Dental Surgery offers the solutions of two different implant manufacturers for implementing restorations.

One set of implants is supplied by Swiss manufacturer SGS Systems (in detail: and boasts an integration success rate of 94%! The material, the shape and the surface texturing provide a highly reliable combination of the strengths of the most widely acknowledged implant solutions, all based on constant research and enhancement. It is imporant to note that these implants allow for restorations in a truly wide range of cases as they are not only characterized by high quality but can serve as building blocks for customized solutions. Its excellent price/performance rate makes it the Volkwagen of implanting - always to be counted on. Hence the outstanding 15-year guarantee provided by the manufacturer!

The other artificial dental root solution we advocate bears the name Straumann Bone Level (in detail: and is a true premium implant, the Mercedes-Benz of similar solutions. When describing it, it is hard not to use superlatives only. Its successful implementation rate is an incredible 98% - even in cases of challenging bone structure. Its cutting-edge material, the shape andits surface texturing are results of more than 20 years of dedicated Straumann research and clinical experience, along with 3000+ independent scientific studies. Adjacent bone loss, a fundamental indicator of long-term reliability, is less than half of the figures produced by competitor Nobel Biocare's artificial roots. SLActive® (in detail:, a variant of unique surface texturing, produces levels of bone integration in 3 weeks that traditional solutions show only in 3 months. What this means is that restoration can be implemented a mere 3 weeks following implanting, and without risking losing the implant due to premature straining. The top-notch supporting components have been designed to accomodate restorations of even the most challenging types. Owing to the above, Straumann has managed to hold onto its market-leading position in Germany for years. The company is proud to have automaker Mercedes-Benz among its prestigeous client portolio. It is no surprise that Straumann provides a life-long guarantee to all their products.

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