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Proper diagnostic background is essential for modern dental surgery.

The digital X-ray and the picture-analysis system is part of it. One of its advantages is that our clients are exposed to 90% less radiation, which is not burdening even in the case of many exposures or pregnancy. Besides, as a consequence of the 50-100 times bigger diameter even the tiniest details can be seen clearly, so the result is a much more precise diagnosis. After analyzing the snapshots on computers, we can set up a more thorough treatment plan, and as it can be seen in the photo, there is also the possibility of modelling and checking the service during the treatment.

Another important device of our treatments is the mouth camera. It is not only the result of the treatment that a picture can be taken of, which may be useful on the occasion of future controls. The mouth camera can also make the mutations of the mouth clearly visible, which are otherwise difficult to approach, therefore cannot be noticed with the traditional equipment.

Moreover, the client can be informed in a more complex way about the treatment with the help of the picture which was taken of the area to be treated. The client can also follow the steps of the treatment real time on the monitor nearby.


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