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Non-removable restorations


...superior looks uncompromised.

Long used in various fields of the medical sciences, circonium or circonium dioxide is only a recent contender in dental care as material for crowns and bridges, a development deeply rooted in cutting-edge technologies and the latest research.

A material of outstanding durabality, circonium dioxide (ZrO2) is used for manufacturing hip prostheses also. Science has finally come with a solution that reliably combines all the top qualities required for supreme dental replacements:true-to-life colors, biocompatibility (essential for those with allergies) and extreme durability. Circonium dioxide puts end to crowns and bridges that look disillusioningly just those! Satisfying even the toughest aesthetic criteria, it is absolutely metal free. In a nutshell, circonium dioxide is "high-tech made in Germany", facilitating cutting-edge restoration where aesthetic superiority, high-precision fitting and long-term durability are self-evident.

Advantages: aesthetic superiority, durability, less healthy dental tissue is removed as compared to traditional methods, suitable for crowns and bridges alike.

Drawbacks: the price exceeds that of traditional solutions.

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