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Dental Implants

Beautiful teeth in no time


Implantation is carried out using CAD/CAM technology, as described in the relevant section of this website, which ensures that not only the position of the artificial tooth roots can be specified in advance but their future interaction with the adjacent teeth as well. Based on this information, the dental laboratory can safely create the suitable head part and the matching, beautiful tooth in time for the procedure.


Parallel to implanting, as follow-up to positioning the artificial tooth root, the suitable head part is fixed, as is the matching crown.

In addition to supplying the patient with a restoration in the shortest time possible, the procedure saves time and money too, as only one appointment is needed compared to the several required by traditional approaches. Also, the adjacent soft tissues heal considerably faster due to the minimal harm inflicted using CAD/CAM technology and how the edges of the gum are allowed to regenerate with the restoration in place, ensuring perfect fitting. To achieve the adequate stability of the artificial tooth root, it being a prerequisite to all of the above, we recommend implants with special shapes and surfaces, like Straumann TE SLActive® and Straumann Bone Level SLActive® products.


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