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Dental Implants

Who can have implants?

Contrary to all commonly held doubts, concerns and beliefs, today it is safe to say that adequate artificial tooth roots and surgical know-how combined with the bone substitutes and biomaterials required make it possible for almost everyone to have dental implants.

Reasons are numerous. The past couple of years have brought about enormous advances in the field of implantology. Understanding patients' demands for alternative solutions to traditional bridges that require substantial amounts of healthy dental tissue to be scraped away in order to combat tooth loss, and also understanding patients whose dental conditions left them with no other alternative but removable dentures, major manufacturers of artificial tooth roots have launched ambitious development projects. The results now enable patients to have restorations instantly and ensure reliable and successful implanting even in cases of unfavorable bone conditions. The Straumann SLActive and Pitt-Easy Puretex artificial tooth roots we use belong to this category of products, too.

The newly adapted surgical procedures minimize strain on the patient and accelerate recovery significantly. Based not only on our own experience but our patients' feedback, CAD/CAM technology seems to be one of the most highly innovative of all.

With the modern bone substitute and biomaterials available today, successful implants are a reality even in cases where similar approaches would have been impossible before.

All these contribute to an increasing number of patients whose tooth loss can be addressed with state-of-the-art artificial tooth roots, and supplemetary surgical procedures and materials when required, in less and less time while providing more and more durable and aesthetically superior solutions. Hence the increasing popularity of implant-supported non-removable restorations that ensure comfort and beauty, as they are just as perfect as they are natural.


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