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Removable restorations

Although most customers will opt for non-removable restorations to counteract tooth loss, certain factors may render that approach impossible. Should that be the case, removable restorations provide a viable solution.

We distinguish between partial and complete dentures with the former addressing cases where there are healthy teeth left and the latter providing replacement in cases of complete tooth loss. Although they leg behind non-removable solutions when it comes to convenience, in cases when the number or location of the remaining teeth is not sufficient or for any reason implants or other non-removable restorations cannot be opted for, removable dentures do provide an alternative. As recent innovations are remarkable in this area of medical care as well, these solutions are in fact quite appealing. With the cutting-edge materials and procedures available today, all contributing to significantly higher aesthetic standards and comfort levels, state-of-the-art removable restorations may compete even with natural teeth in appearance. The previously common metal colored support system parts now come in natural tooth colors and with micromechanical components, too. Removable restorations that provide adequate comfort, stability and the looks of non-removable counterparts are not a dream anymore.


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