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Dent-A-Lux dental surgery was opened at 2 Korona Street, in the heart of Kecskemét, in 2000. Since that time our slogan and aim has been to provide our clients with European quality under guarantee at a reasonable price

Due to the positive feedback and increasing interest in aesthetic solutions in the elapsed period, from now on we would like to make our preliminary consultancy available on the web as well. Although dental examination and treatment unfortunately cannot be substituted this way, we would like to introduce the solutions from which you can choose based on quality and your financial expectations both on our website and in our surgery.

The complete medical attendance is supported by modern equipment such as digital X-ray device and oral camera. Much more detailed pictures can be taken with the digital X-ray device while exposing our clients to 90% less radiation. With a mouth camera, you can follow your treatment real time.

It is certainly essential to have a background that keeps pace with the latest dental techniques and technologies. For this reason, while continuously developing our existing treatments, we also extend our list of service portfolio with creditable services and materials in order to offer a wide range of treatments to our clients, including both the simpler and the more complex options of the modern and aesthetic dental surgery.

Depending on the treatment, we take 3 to 5 years of guarantee, meaning that within this period we take care of any of your complaints relating to our treatment free of charge.


Let me introduce myself. I am Tamás Kőhalmi, DD, founder and dental director of Dent-A-Lux. Completing my studies at the Dental Care Faculty of the University of Szeged, Hungary in 1994, I was offered and accepted a job at the operative dentistry clinic of the same university. My daily responsibilities and teaching duties allowed me to carry on with and also contributed to my research in cosmetic dental care, an area of keen interest to me, signposted by my thesis already.

Acknowledging my efforts, the European branch of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), a highly prestigeous organization that sponsors dental research worldwide, granted me an award in 1995 and I was invited to deliver a lecture at the annual meeting of IADR held in San Fransisco the next year. In 1997, my publications earned me an invitation to the European headquarters of a leading American dental care company in Konstanz and I had the honour to outline our results at the Dentists of the World symposium as the only Hungarian speaker. The same year saw me receiving my degree as a specialist in dental and oral care. In 1998, I had the honour of receiving an invitation from one of the most prestigeous European universities, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. While continuing my work back home at the clinic, I was also employed by Schweizer Zahnarzt, and worked in the towns of Sopron and Hévíz, too. It was then that I met my future wife.

The proximity of my family being a priority, I moved to Kecskemét and founded Dent-a-lux Dental Surgery, where I still work, in 2000. All these years, my dedication to provide quality at reasonable prices has never changed. I believe this contributed to my becoming a member of ITI (International Team for Implantology), one of the largest implantology organizations in the world, in 2007, and also how 2008 saw my second consequtive invitation to the European Roundtable of Kerr, an American corporation producing cosmetic dental care equipment and materials.

In the meantime I have been drawn towards the frontiers of aesthetic dental treatment and the complex solutions it requires. As a result most of our work comprises complex cosmetic and functional treatments of tooth, bone and soft tissue defects. As these are heavily technology, material and know-how dependent, being up-to-date and continuous learning is a must. Some of the scientific and practical courses I attended recently:

2011: Straumann Kurs am Humanpräparat - Augmentative Verfahren der Hart- und Weichgewebe/ Implatologie, Geistlich course on periodontal plastic surgery therapy of solo and multiple gingival recessions with Mucograft

2012: EUROPERIO7 - 7th Conference of the European Federation of Periodontology, Master Course in Regenerative and Esthetic Periodontal Therapy - Zahnmedizinische Kliniken der Universität Bern, Schweiz

2013: Magyar Tudományos Akadémia ITI Study Club

2014: MAFIT (Dental Implantology Association of Hungarian Dentists) membership

Recognising our achievements 2013 saw our clinic awarded the title reference dental clinic by Straumann a global leader in the manufacturing of premium dental implants and regenerative materials. We appreciate their trust.


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